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About Me

I have been an attorney in Oregon since 2005.  My practice is currently focused on the following areas:
Family Law
Estate Planning/ Probate
Civil litigation, including personal injury
I also have experience in real estate matters and criminal defense.  I handle cases in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties. 
As a solo attorney, I handle all matters on a client's case, and do not delegate work to a legal assistant or associate attorney.  My goal is to have a limited number of clients who have confidence in me to effectively handle all of their legal issues and give them good advice now and in the future.  Each of my clients receives prompt responses to phone calls and emails. 
I opened my own law firm in 2013.  Prior to opening my office, I was a partner at a law firm in the Portland area.
I am originally from California, and I graduated from University of California, Davis, Law School in 2002.  In my free time, I enjoy doing sports and spending time with my family in Portland.
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